Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of sleep related issues Can a sleep coach address?

Each and every family I work with is unique.  The most common goal parents have is for their young one to learn how to put themselves to sleep without rocking, bouncing, nursing, etc. Other sleep related goals that we can address are multiple night wakings, short or non-existent naps, ending co-sleeping, weaning night feeds and transitioning from crib to toddler bed.  Some families I work with simply would like some guidance in finding an appropriate schedule for their child.  If it is sleep related, we can address it!

How old does my baby have to be to start addressing our sleep goals?

The ideal time to begin teaching your child independent sleep skills is between the ages of 6 and 9 months.  The earliest I will work with a child is 18 weeks (or 4.5 months).  There are different considerations for a child this young and the whole process is a bit longer. If possible, I encourage my families to wait until the 6 month mark, but with sleep emergencies, this isn't often an option - and I get that! There are lots of sleep fundamentals that can be addressed before this time.

I can't figure out which Sleep Package is best for our sleep situation, can you help me out with this?

Of course! Send me a message and I will get back to you to help answer any questions you might have about the sleep training process. OR book a 15 minute chat with me by going to my Contact page

Do you work with families outside of Toronto?

I work with families from all over the world! Consultations are completed via Skype or phone if long distance. I am frequently in Montreal (born and raised there!) so have a large population of clients from that area. I often do home consultations in the Montreal area as well as the GTA.

Can you come to my house and do the sleep training for me?

This is a service that I am not yet offering, however, as there is a growing market for overnight coaching, I do plan on offering this service within the near future.  If you truly believe this is the level of support you need, please let me know and we can discuss it further in person.

Do you suggest I arrange someone to watch over my child while we are completing our initial consultation?

I do. Children, especially over the age of 6 months, can be a huge distraction to parents. If possible, arranging for a babysitter or grandparent to come watch your child increases your ability to concentrate. Ideally, whoever will be involved in the sleep training process should be present for the initial consultation. I offer evening consultation times to help with this.

If I "sleep train" my baby, does that mean I have to stop all night feedings?

Not at all! In fact, I encourage continuing with night feedings until you, your pediatrician and/or lactation consultant decide that your child is ready to be weaned. I can guide you on how many night feedings are average for your child's age as well as which growth spurts should be kept in mind, but it is ultimately up to you to decide when it is time to stop.

Can I continue to co-sleep with my child while teaching him to fall asleep independently?

Believe it or not, it can be done.  It can be a bit trickier, especially if your child is still nursing, but I have seen success with this sleep goal.

Do you use one specific method with all your clients?

No. I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all type of sleep plan. Nor do I believe in sleep plans that you can purchase online without having spoken to a qualified sleep consultant.  There are several methods that can be used to teach your child to learn to self soothe at bedtime, throughout the night and at nap times. The method(s) that we ultimately choose will depend on your child's age, temperament, as well as your parenting style. I will review the pros and cons of each, but ultimately, as with the decision to keep night feeds, it is up to you to decide which method works best for your family.

How long does it take to see success?

For a child between the age of 6 months and 1 year, significant improvements are often seen at bedtime and nights within 7-10 days.  Naps can take slightly longer. As your child gets older, the time it takes to see success can increase as they become more mobile, begin talking (and negotiating!), and are more set in their ways. But again, with consistency, you will get there!

If I need additional sleep support after my Sleep Package is finished, how do I do that?

I offer continued support through an hourly consulting rate to clients who have completed one of my sleep packages as well as for returning clients. You would simply need to let me know and we'd set up a time to follow up.