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We all need sleep

Sleep is crucial for our children's growth, learning, memory and overall well-being. It's equally as important for us as parents! Our emotional well being, relationships and productivity easily suffer if we are dealing with chronic lack of sleep.

Improving sleep does not have to be a daunting task. It should entail a sleep plan that you and your family are entirely comfortable with. Using a gentle approach to address the basic sleep fundamentals is often enough to get you well on your way to restoring sleep and peace of mind without having to resort to methods such as cry-it-out.

If you are ready to make a change and wish to do it in a fashion that respects your child's developmental needs and capabilities, emotional well-being and attachment, you've come to the right place.






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Learn about realistic sleep expectations in newborns and how to support your child as their sleep needs evolve. Start off your new role as a parent feeling confident, empowered and prepared.


SUPPORT & RESPOND Sleep Workshops

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Learn the fundamentals of sleep and how to create a safe and loving environment where sleep natually ensues.





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