Meet some of my well rested friends

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Jana, mother of twin girls

We are so glad to have had the opportunity to work with Stephanie. She has been a God send.
Our beautiful twin girls had their days and nights backwards, they weren't on the same sleep/nap schedule and it took my husband and I hours at night to get them down to sleep. We were constantly awake through the day and night as there was generally one baby up at a time or so it seemed. We were tired, stressed and close to our wits end until Stephanie came to our aid. She has been such a great help to get our girls not only on a schedule but the same schedule for naps and sleeping through the night.
Now our girls are happy rested little sweethearts and my husband and I feel like a married couple again. I highly recommend her to any new or not so new parents that are experiencing sleeping issue with their children.

Tarah, mother of 1 year old Alistair

I wish there were enough words in the English language to thank Stephanie enough. We have a one year old that would cause jealousy among my mommy friends as he was always a great sleeper. Of course, one month prior to when I was due to back at work, he literally stopped sleeping. He stopped napping during the day, at night waking up every hour on the hour, took forever to put to sleep. It was awful. We tried crying it out and failed at it (my husband and I just couldn't do it), we tried other methods and bombed at those well. We found a lot of very restrictive and contrary to our lifestyle. Stephanie literally saved our sanity. She was thorough, caring, and really worked with us and our needs. I kid you not, within two weeks our son was napping great, sleeping even better and even our transition to daycare went perfectly. Cannot praise this service enough.

Christa & Darryl, parents of 6 month old Emily

Prior to meeting Stephanie, our little one was nursed to sleep at night, woke up for multiple feeds throughout the night, and only napped while being nursed and then held for the entire duration of her nap.
Emily is now 10 months old. She sleeps through the night (11+ hours) without a night feeding, and naps twice a day. She falls asleep on her own pretty quickly (often less than 10 min) with minimal protest.
We are so happy to have worked with Steph, and thankful to have met her when we did! Sleep training is not easy, but we were able to persevere with the gentle guidance and support of Steph.

Lee-Ann, mother of a 2 year old

We were having a lot of problems getting our 2nd back into sleeping through the night after months of good sleeping habits! The spring time change ruined his (and our) sleeping through the night and wakings were earlier and earlier everyday. After trying to tackle this on our own for 8 weeks, we made the call and Steph was amazing! Our sleep and sanity was returned without any stress or confusing "rules". We recommend her to anyone who's considering finding help with sleep issues!

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Rupinder, mother of 2 boys

Thank you Stephanie for all your help with my boys. Because of our unique situation at the moment, you were still able to help figure out a way that my boys and I could get a better night's rest.
It's been almost a year since you first helped us and we are all so much happier for it. Your professionalism, knowledge and your accountability phone calls were key! Thank you.

Michelle, Mother of 8 month old Layla

Stephanie is your gal! She’s compassionate, empathetic, passionate and a great listener, all important traits when it comes to such a delicate and emotional process. My 8 month old has been such a challenging baby, especially when it comes to sleep. I had worked with another trainer and had no luck. Stephanie gave me the confidence to try new techniques and definitely cared about what I was going through. I feel like I know the ins and outs of sleep and now understand what my bub is going through. I would recommend her to everyone!

Steph, Mother of 2.5 year old Campbell

I just wanted to share my recent experience with Steph - sleep specialist but apparently also a miracle worker.
My son has slept through the night since 4 months old. He's nearly 2.5 now and recently went through a horrible sleep regression when we changed daycares. Thanks to her help we are right back on track with 12 hour sleeps at night, restful naps during the day and the tantrums have gone from 4-5 a day to almost non-existent.
I finally have my happy boy back and I couldn't be happier. If any of you are struggling with sleep I highly recommend her!

Ali, mother of 1 year old beckett

I used Stephanie's help from Sleeping Beauties to get my infant on a better sleep schedule and I could not be more pleased! When I started, my little guy was 4 months old and falling asleep on my breast while laying on the couch. If I talked or moved he woke. it was like being stuck prisoner every night. We bed-shared which I was happy to do until he turned 4 months and I needed more liberty at night. Stephanie helped me set up a schedule that was realistic and not harsh as I still wanted to breast feed, I just wanted him to sleep in his crib. 
We had multiple communications over a few weeks tailoring the schedule to what worked for us. Over a two month period, I got him down to 1 feed per night and sleeping alone in the crib, putting himself to sleep in under a minute. I was happy that I could do a hybrid of breastfeeding while getting him more independent. Stephanie was helpful, thorough, flexible and open minded about balancing my needs with the babies. I would highly recommend her for anyone who is looking to do some sleep training without having to sit through heavy crying. A hybrid does exist!