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Cayla is a professional, super positive, nice and understanding sleep coach. I had a sleep consultation with her and she gave me such amazing information, tips, and advice on how I can get my baby to sleep better. She took every detail I provided to her about my baby into consideration. I highly recommend her services!


It was a pleasure working with Cayla. After a thorough review of my history, she was able to provide me with so many customized, gentle, and supportive tips to help set my little one up as an amazing sleeper! I am really thankful I reached out and cant wait for my daughter and I to get some good nights rest. I highly recommend Cayla if you are looking for an alternative to some of the more 'traditional' sleep training methods.


"Just do yourself a favour and hire Cayla. I promise you won't regret it! While you can't force a child to sleep, you can put the right building blocks in place to support them and make them feel safe. Cayla is a great sleep and parenting coach." 

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