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When my first child was born, my mother gave me the most valuable piece of parenting advice that I have received to date - "you know your child best, and you should always follow your gut." This simple but important piece of advice has not only guided how I care for my own children, but is at the core of the Baby-Led Sleep approach.

The Baby-Led Sleep approach places an emphasis on parents' instincts, coupled with a baby's cues. Our mission is to help parents find sleep solutions through responsive parenting practices, while building connected relationships. We are passionate about helping families improve sleep without resorting to sleep training. 

Baby-Led Sleep teaches primary caregivers how to connect with their baby on a deeper level, while reinforcing important feelings of safety and security. We never utilize extinction or separation-based techniques to get children to sleep. The result is that, when developmentally ready, a baby will be comfortable falling asleep.

While working with Sleeping Beauties, you can expect to feel supported in whatever choices you are making for your family. We will work together to keep the parts of your sleep routine that you love, and make parent-led changes to alter the parts that are no longer working. 

We are strong believers that fed is best and will support parents no matter their feeding choices. That said, we have a special interest in preserving the breastfeeding relationship, if a parent wishes to do so, and will take this into account when developing sleep plans for babies and toddlers of all ages. 

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